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They're beautiful, they're successful, they're trend-setters, they're policy changers, and they're all transgender! This sections features the transwomen that have excelled in the arts, business, politics, science, advocacy and/or activism. They are transgender women that have made an impact on the world around them. Our staff seeks out these women to interview. Also see trans-History.

Miss Continental Elite 2016

I first met Teryl-lynn Foxx in 1992 on a trip to new Orleans, and we became fast and enduring friends. With her 2106 reign as Miss Continental Elite coming to a close I caught up with her for a an interview. Teryl-Lynn Foxx entered the pageant circuit in her 20’s, shortly after she transitioned and began working the club scene as an entertainer. Despite going back to school and becoming valedictorian of her class, she couldn’t secure a job in her field as a registered nurse, being passed over by less qualified candidates.


Lauren Foster Chats with

Lauren Foster is perhaps one of the most-accomplished and famous transgender women that you’ve never heard of until the last few years. She was a print and runway model in the 1980-90's, appearing in VOGUE Mexico in 1984. A regular at famed Studio 54 in New York City and Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion on the west coast. She ran with a jet-set crowd of rockers, royalty and international celebrities, and after her 11 year modeling career, became one of the top event promoters in the world, working alongside the king of the underground party world, Jeffrey Sanker.

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