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They're beautiful, they're successful, they're trend-setters, they're policy changers, and they're all transgender! This sections features the transwomen that have excelled in the arts, business, politics, science, advocacy and/or activism. They are transgender women that have made an impact on the world around them. Our staff seeks out these women to interview. Also see trans-History.

Nina Poon

The beautiful and talented VH1 TRANSform Me star is much more than a gorgeous face (and slamming body): She's an actress, an illustrator, phtographer, make-up artist, even a model.  In our exclusive interview, Nina talks to Dirty about growing up, shooting up (hormones!), and being one of the most inspiring transgender women in pop culture.  


Venus DeMars

"The most visually arresting band you'll ever see" - Siren Magazine. 

It was all so surreal. I was sitting on a bed at the Charlton Arms Hotel, speaking to Venus, lead singer of the Minneapolis-based dark glam band All The Pretty Horses, and wife Lynette.

It felt as though I was in someone’s dream, and in a way, I was. “This is my installation,” Venus explained, referring to the artwork that covered every square inch of the hotel room: walls and ceiling. Dominated by background hues of blues, the focal point of the artwork was nude transgender beings in an angelic state, suspended in air.

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