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They're beautiful, they're successful, they're trend-setters, they're policy changers, and they're all transgender! This sections features the transwomen that have excelled in the arts, business, politics, science, advocacy and/or activism. They are transgender women that have made an impact on the world around them. Our staff seeks out these women to interview. Also see trans-History.

Asia Vitale

 Queen of the Universe 2005, Queen USA 2004 and One Smart Cookie!

I first met the beautiful Asia Vitale when I was asked to be one of the many judges at a Los Angeles TG Beauty Pageant a few years ago. I was stunned when she didn’t even make semi finalist, but I thought she was the classiest lady on the stage. So I chased her to the theater lobby to see if I could get her to adorn the cover of GIRL TALK magazine which I then published.


BeBe Zahara Bnet

BebeRuPaul's Drag Race season one winner interviewed

“Tighten your tucking panties, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!”

When RuPaul, the Amazon-size cross-dressing legend, uttered those words on the debut episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Logo’s 2009 hit show, 25-year-old BeBe Zahara Benet (a.k.a. Nea Marshall Kudi) took note.


Bibi Fernandez

Model, Actress, Wife, and Pedro Almodovar's favorite transsexual.

Bibiana Fernandez, aka Bibi Anderson, is Spains´most famous transsexual model, and can been seen Pedro Almodovar's filmHigh Heels , Bibi is statuesque and fabulous. The dance number in the open yard of a prison scene is priceless.


Christine Jorgensen

Christine JorgensenIn our spotlight is Christine Jorgenson, a true pioneer in the world of sexual reassignment surgery. She had undergone this procedure during a time long before such a thing would have been considered to be safe or acceptable.

Without question Christine Jorgenson's most significant contribution to vaginoplasty surgery was making the procedure commonly known to the public. Accounts of sexual reassignments in Europe had been occasionally published in journals and popular magazines but only a handful of transsexuals such as Jorgenson were able to sift through more arcane medical reports, make their way overseas and somehow attain surgery.


Cassandra Cass

Cassandra CassCassandra Cass had become a star on stage and screen.

Cassandra Cass is a star on San Francisco's popular lip-sync show, "Sunday's a Drag," at Harry Denton's Starlight Room. She has reached a limit of 5,000 friends on her Facebook page and has 1,000 on the waiting list. Now her fame is reaching even loftier heights, on Showtime TV's new midnight series, "Wild Things."


Christy Raj

The First Transgender Journalist in India

Video Volunteers's India Unheard community news service is truly a team of people with unique experience and unique perspective. Meet Christy Raj, India Unheard's correspondent from Bangalore and India's first transgender journalist.

UNDER THE Indian Constitution, all citizens have been guaranteed ‘equality before the law’. Article 15 prohibits discrimination ‘on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth’; and Article 21, guarantees ‘protection of life and personal liberty’.


Dana International

Dana InternationThey told her that a transsexual could never win EuroVision. She proved them wrong, and did so in a Bob Mackay gown!

Born Yaron Cohen in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1972, he was fascinated with the stage from an early age and later dreamed of performing at the Eurovision Music Contest, a huge event in Europe. He began performing in drag throughout the gay club circuit as a singer and his sound quickly found an audience and a career was born.


Mimi Marks

Mimi Marks; Up Close & Personal with one of Chicago's Sexiest People!

In her teens Mimi Marks left her hometown of Waterloo, Iowa and moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There she began to work in “drag,” but quickly came to realize that being a woman was something she was, not just something to impersonate. Born to be a star, the youngest of four as a kid was involved in cheerleading, dancing, and acting. She never missed the opportunity to play in her sister’s clothes and make-up and perform on her improvised stage in the garage.

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