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The Sizzle (35)

Life has a routine all its own, but its the surprises, the unexpected that provide us those moments that give us a vicarious thrill that we love. This column is dedicated to those little news tidbits, items of gossip and outrageous news stories.

Amanda Down Under

Living doll, model, performer, diva, work of art and the most famous transsexual in the world!

WHEN Amanda Lepore was in Australia in November, on her first trip to the country, I went along to see her perform at the club Neverrmind. I wasn't quite sure what to make of it all.

Men climbed on speakers, on couches and on each other to catch a glimpse of the life-sized barbie doll trotting around the stage in a glittery, green, strapless mini-dress worn strategically askew to reveal one breast with a glittery, green pastie over the nipple.


Dude Look Like A Lady

Maybe we've just got Steven Tyler on the brain today, but, well, dude looks like a lady

David SpadeSpecifically, a lady that seems to be equal parts Snooki and Kim Zolciak.

Still, for 46 years old, we'll give him kudos for doing his thing—just like his current fellow funny costar who also tried (to less success, if you can imagine) to get his girly on.

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