9 Wardrobe Must-Haves for Transgender Women

9 Wardrobe Must-Haves for Transgender Women

This Will Make You Gorgeous! 9 Wardrobe Must-Haves for Transgender Women

In dressing yourself like the woman you truly are, it's easy to forget particular essentials that play a significant role in presenting one's self. And it's true that the first thing people notice about you is your clothes! The more you feel confident about the clothes you wear, the more feminine you'll be. Psychologists call this the “Enclothed Cognition,” and it affects the way you handle your life.

Thus, it is important that you choose the right clothing because it is vital to your feminine image, and it should resonate your femininity! If you're still wondering what to put in your wardrobe, here are ten essential pieces that every transgender woman must have in their closet.

Fitted Bra

2 bras

A fitting bra is every woman's best friend! The choices you make in the kind of bras that you put in the wardrobe can significantly affect your overall look. Here are four tips for choosing the right bra. Start your wardrobe with two primary bra colors: one nude color that matches your skin tone, and a black bra.

Avoid bras with lacy textures as it can be visible from underneath your clothes. If you're wearing breast forms, pick a bra with full coverage of the breast forms. Have a bra that has underwires and enough straps. If possible, do not wear a white bra under lightweight fabrics because it has the tendency to show through.

Black Dress

3 black dress

Every woman knows that a black dress is essential in a wardrobe. Purchase one that goes with your body's style and shape. A simple black dress, especially in a flattering length, can go a long way! From day to night, a black dress will never go out of style.



Colorful Scarves

4 scarves


Another must-have in a wardrobe are scarves. Colorful scarves can come in handy in hiding certain parts of the body. Scarves are very versatile and usable whenever needed, and can take a simple plain outfit and jazz it up -- it's all about accessorizing! Do you want to cover your Adam's apple? Then wear it around your neck. Do you have broad shoulders? Scarves can drape it over your shoulders to minimize your body's broadness. They're versitle and practical.


5 shoes

Shoes can significantly affect your look, and they say a lot about you and your overall appearance. Shoes can make or break your look. That’ why choose classic pumps in black are a must: they are feminine, alluring, and can work well with different types of clothes. Pick a pump with 2-3 inches heel, but you can choose a lower heel if you are tall. SHoes shoes shoes. If you're a girl, shoes should make your heart race. 


A Classic Looking Shoulder Bag

6 handbag classic

For women, bags are a symbol of status, and style When you choose handbags or shoulder bags, consider investing in a classic that gives you a beautiful aura. You do not have to buy a designer bag. Instead, look for a shoulder bag that provides you with a sexy, classic look. Choose a bag that costs less but has an upscale design. Persuse the mall and check out designer bags, then go hunting for that style, for less.


Padded Girdle Cincher / Coreset



The cinched waist has exuded feminity since the beginning of time. If you don't have it naturally, then create it with a corset or padded girdle. If you want to trim your tummy and waist magically, then waist cinchers or girdles can provide you with that exact wish! Most have padding to make your hips wider so your waist will look narrower. Here are two tips for choosing what type of waist cincher should you provide yourself:If you want to have comfort and a little bit of control over the cincher, then use a shaping camisole.If you want to have a strong shaping effect, the use a boned waist cincher.

Primary Skirts

7 skirts

Skirts in neutral colors can give you an almost unlimited amount of options for mixing and matching other items from your closet. Just owning two basic skirts is enough to keep you going. Choose two skirts which have the following:

A skirt with pleats or in full.

A skirt fitted for your legs, for instance, a pencil skirt.

Jackets that Can Define Your Figure

8 jackets

Jackets, especially those pieces that are more structured, can have endless uses. Sites like Seed Heritage provide these types of jackets. Because of its shape, jackets are ideal for defining your body's form and figure. Choose a jacket that showcases and defines the waist and add curves. Jackets that go well for transgender women are:

Jackets that you can put a belt on
Jackets with empire waists
Jackets with details like seams and darts which can add femininity

It's best to avoid boxy jackets since they can define your broad shoulders, and honestly, you wouldn't want that.

Clutch Bag

9 clutch

A clutch bag can make you look classy and sophisticated even in the most casual outfit. This bag is a must especially for night outs and evening dates since they can set your outfit apart than shoulder bags do. Own a clutch in your neutral colors such as gray, black or white for classy bonus points!




Remember, closets are for clothes, not for you! So unleash that diva in you and fill your wardrobes with the must-haves mentioned. Show the world that you're capable of becoming the beautiful woman that you truly are.

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