Fashion and a Cheeseburger

Fashion and a Cheeseburger

I love fashion and I love to cook, the thought occurred to me the other day while researching how our bodies respond to protein and carbohydrates. The more I thought about it, things seem to make sense. What in the world am I talking about?

Have you ever carefully selected an outfit the night before a special event (or work) scheduled the the next day only to find in the morning it just didn't work? Working woman face this everyday. So why is it that the next morning she winds up being rushed to put an outfit together and get ready?


It has to do with food, mood and confidence. For a fashion-conscious gal things have to be right. Now let's complicate that with a poor nights sleep, poor eating habits, menstral cycles and you have a formula for unpredictability. Without even getting emotional issues and relationship influences it's no wonder why a "girl has nothing to wear".

The best intentions can fall victim to the "panic attack".

Countless times such as today I wanted to get an early start but it just didn't happen.Things can and will change overnight. So what is a girl to do? Calm down take a deep breath and clear your mind.

I always start my day with skin care. Get the coffee brewing, wash my face and apply serums and lotions. It calms me and I take the time to massage my face and neck. I always allow time for the skin care to be absorbed before makeup application.

What this does is help set my mood. Clean fresh skin, cup of coffee and a bite to eat make me feel way different than when I got out of bed. Here's where the difference from yesterday and today come into play. The night before I quickly laid out my cloths after a long day, just wanted to get to bed and ate a heavy dinner, some wine and salty food.

In the morning nothing fits, my face is puffy and the mirror is not my friend. That cute outfit I selected the night before made me say "what was I thinking?"

Now it is the trusty fallbacks, that little black dress, but that fits loosely, or the favorite top that works over two sizes. The items that I call comfort clothes that you want to wear all the time. Even still, it's not just clothes. It's what you see in the mirror. You may see the flaws, puffiness, blemishes dull skin and this may set your mood for the whole day!

This is the time to avoid loud bright colors and stick with the muted black and whites, pastel colors that work with your skin tone. Darker colors hide your overnight feast, and don't forget accessories. They help redirect a peering eye and promote conversation.

So what do woman in the limelight do? How can we avoid the "panic attack"?

Before a model goes for her photo shoot it's a lifestyle that involves skin care, diet, exercise, lots of water, foods to avoid, and foods that promote healthy
Katyskin. Skin care is something that is so impacting on your look yet so often overlooked. I don't understand why because it can be sensual and is so soothing. I believe in the French woman philosophy of skin care. I can only touch upon the guidelines because it is a way of life. It is taught to young girls at an early age by their mothers. The rules are as follows:

1 Taking care of your skin is a pleasure
2 Buddy up with a professional (skin care specialist, aesthetician)
3 Baby your skin. Gentle treatments
4 Don't stop at the De'Colletage

After following these wonderful procedures for years I have turned my skin around. These are simple things anyone can do to change the mood your in and make you feel beautiful and confident.

When you want to look your best don't think about cloths and makeup, think about what not to eat the days before.

Food and Drinks to avoid:

1 high levels of salt
2 red meat
3 white bread
4 alcohol
5 fried foods.
6 sugar

Studies in Sweden found that sleep deprived people were perceived as less attractive and sadder than the same subjects well-rested. Doctors recommend 8 hours, but the average American woman gets only 6.5 hours.

When you are stressed or sleep deprived you tend to retain water. Tissues swell and fluids pool around your eyes
causing puffiness. The quick fix, give yourself a quick gentle massage with a brightening eye cream like Oil of Olay fresh
effects Bright on schedule eye awakening cream. Chill in the fridge overnight.

Sugar is another problem in this country. I read this in Glamour magazine; a diet high in sugar dumbs you down, cells are sapped of the energy they need to communicate efficiently, making it harder for you to learn and remember information. Sugar dampens your mood. To much sugar in the blood it starts attaching itself to collagen and elastin -- two substances that ordinarily keep the skin looking young.

The result: your skin becomes stiffer and more prone to wrinkles. Last, it weakens eyesight. Proteins in your retinas keep vision sharp. When the body breaks down simple sugars, by-products latch onto these proteins, accelerating aging, blurred vision and loss of low light vision.

And what about the Cheeseburger you ask? It contains those elements in terms of fats, sugars in the white bread and red meat. That coupled with a soda and fries pretty much sets up your mood for the rest of the day and into the next. Ultimately you are what you eat. This is certainly an oversimplification but I think everyone can relate to it in one way or another.

I hope it helps you understand the cause and effect of what you eat as it relates to mood.

woman-in-bubble-bathTry a simple test. On the weekend take a nice bubble bath, you know a real bubbly girly bath, wth aroma candles and a glass of wine. We all enjoy a nice long bath to relax. After you come out of the bath, apply a body lotion to moisturize your skin. Take your time, use some of the skincare products that may have been sitting around collecting dust and just feel how wonderful it is.

Now look in the mirror and look closely at your face and make note at what you see. Always apply serums first and gently massage the serum into your skin. Follow the directions on the label. When using a serum, gently massage the forehead, cheeks and under eye area, then the chin and neck. With an outward motion to the side of the face continue to massage. This helps move fluid buildup away from your face. Gently pat eye serum following the ocular ridge outward to the crows feet area. Never pull the skin in this area by swiping the serum under the eye. You should feel very relaxed and ready to apply moisturizer and any other corrective skin care products your skin care specialist recommended.

When you are done look again in the mirror and make note at what you see. As a minimum, you should start to see skin that glows. One day will not make you a Diva but over time your skin will slowly improve. If you are new to skin care take a picture of yourself and see how things improve over time.



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