Gay Bar Survival Guide

Gay Bar Survival Guide

Many TGs going out in public will often go to a gay bar; somewhere they feel they can express themselves away from the eye of friends and/or family. However, more times than not they suddenly find themselves among customs and mentalities they don't recognize or understand; their a drift in a sea of men. So here are some simple tips to help you navigate those uncharted waters.

1) Do your homework, ask around to find a gay bar that has an easy going and accepting crowd. Muscle or leather bars may not be the right choice. Candis Cayne

2) Have confidence in yourself; gay men can smell fear like animals in the wild. Don’t be afraid of who you are or of being read, so what if people figure it out. Be confident, without being defensive.  

3) Regardless of whether your outfit is classic, sluttish, or conservative, make sure that it is well-put together and has a complete look. Gay men can be VERY fashion conscious.

4) If a gay man says, “You look nice,” with a sly smile, it's probably not meant as a compliment. If he says “Honey, you are fierce,” that is meant as a compliment.

5) It is always a good idea to bring at least one friend, but no more than three.

6) NEVER invade a gay bar with a large group. You can wear out your welcome real fast. A crossdresser can be accepted and sometimes even appreciated in a gay bar, but too much of your presence changes the atmosphere of THEIR space, and they may not be so inviting next time. Remember, you're a guest in their house, behave accordingly.

7) Lastly, gay men can be brutally honest. So if someone offers criticism don't be offended. Absorb it graciously for later consideration.

 So get out there and mingle baby!

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