Making Your Nylons Last

Making Your Nylons Last

1) Buy smart. Nylons that have reinforced toes, a reinforced crotch and a little spandex or elastic will last longer than their sheer, flimsy counterparts. They may cost more, but with proper handling they'll last a long time.

2) Check your fingernails and toenails before putting nylons on. File jagged corners and trim hangnails before handling stockings. Smooth your calluses and any rough spots on toes and heels.

3) Insert thumb into the opening of one leg. Gather nylons all the way to the toe before inserting foot. Gently pull nylons evenly from both sides moving up the leg;Nylons stretching or snagging mainly occurs when you pull nylons too hard from the center.

4) Steer clear of the corner of your desk, park benches or any rough surface that may catch on your legs!

5) Carry a small bottle of clear nail polish. Dab a small amount on a hole or run the minute you notice it.

6) Hand-wash nylons instead of throwing them in the washing machine. Rinse well, and then roll in a towel to absorb water. Hang them over a clean towel to dry.

7) Store nylons in Ziploc bags. This will keep them safe from bra hooks, lace edges and other hazards as they get tossed around in lingerie drawers.

Also! It doesn’t hurt to stash an extra pair in the glove compartment of your car, or in your purse if you are going to a long event such as Pride. Believe me, you’ll get a run in your hose just when you don’t want to, so being prepared always helps!

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