Spray on Blush

Spray on Blush

I recently tried a new product on the market, a “spray on blush”. It contains moisturizer which helps to blend… using a sponge. You can try this, or perhaps, use a cream blush. I have found, for skin over 40… always put a small amount of lotion, on a sponge and then apply your liquid foundation. 

For the TG woman, both the moisture and the sponge, helps in covering large pores, and works well gliding over any facial hair…. and it helps give better coverage… especially if used with a “thicker” foundation. (which is used for women with “dry” skin).

Since, cool weather is here, most of our sun tans will begin to fade out, so you may want to “lighten” your foundation over the next cooler months. Be sure and cover your chest, to prevent the tan-line caused by the open collar shirt worn in guy mode. Again, this lighter shade of foundation should blend from your face on your chest area… to blend into one color. I love Lancombe foundation, and any retail store is excellent with helping you find the correct shade.

Thank you for all your individual emails. I do answer most of them!

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