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Through the years we've all picked up tips in our pursuit of cross over in our gender presentation. While you may find tips and advice throughout the site, this section tries to provide very short quick tips and fixes.

Fashion Tricks for Skinny Girls

Skinny girls can at times feel self-conscious not being able to fill out their clothes the way they'd like to. In an article in the Ahmedabad (India) Times newspaper, I read a short article with fashion tricks for thin girls. These style tricks are tried and true, but I thought I'd list them again for those that were not aware of them.


Fashion and a Cheeseburger

I love fashion and I love to cook, the thought occurred to me the other day while researching how our bodies respond to protein and carbohydrates. The more I thought about it, things seem to make sense. What in the world am I talking about?

Have you ever carefully selected an outfit the night before a special event (or work) scheduled the the next day only to find in the morning it just didn't work? Working woman face this everyday. So why is it that the next morning she winds up being rushed to put an outfit together and get ready?

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