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Through the years we've all picked up tips in our pursuit of cross over in our gender presentation. While you may find tips and advice throughout the site, this section tries to provide very short quick tips and fixes.

What's In A Name?

EVERYTHING, so let's review the process of a legal name change.


Being transgender certainly presents challenges, one of which is a legal name change: no trans-woman wants to spend the rest of her days with her male birth name attached to everything she does.


7 Tips to a Slimmer Look

1) Get The Right Size:
The key to getting an instant slimming look is a combination of the right size, the right color, the right pattern and the right fabric. Don’t buy sizes that are too big as well as sizes that are far too small. Women's clothing needs to be well-tailored and well fitting in order to appear slimming. Tight clothes will not appear slimming – in fact quite the opposite.


9 Lipstick Tips

Nine tips to help you get the best from your lippy!

1: Store lipstick - and perfume - in the refrigerator. It'll last longer.

2: Never use a tester on your lips - it's unhygienic. Test lipstick on your fingertips instead of the back of your hand - the colour and texture are closer to that of your lips.


10 Tips To Lose 10 Pounds

The key to all this weight loss comes from boosting our metabolism. This key aspect is why some people can “naturally” stay skinny, and we are about to mimic this process.

Tip 1:First thing’s first, NO SKIPPING BREAKFAST WHAT-SO-EVER. No matter how many times I drill and repeat this concept into people, some still do it to this very day. Not sure how much more clearly I can state this… and I’m not willing to try. Just stop skipping breakfast. The reason being is because when you get up, your metabolic rate is HIGH… VERY HIGH.

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